Our Mission

To help those most in need; giving back to our Midwestern communities by supporting non-profit organizations who provide services in the following areas:

  • Education

    • Empower individuals to be productive, successful contributors to their communities.

  • Health

    • Treatment and research of autism, cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, Parkinson's, and lung disease.

  • Wellness

    • Increase mental and physical well-being through recreation and fitness programs.

  • Family

    • Improve lives with educational and relief services for families in need.


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About Us

The Schoen Family Charitable Trust was established in 2005 by John and Joan Schoen. It is a family operated 501(c)(3) organization. The board of directors consists of John, John & Joan's six children and their spouses. At present, we are in the process of inviting third generation family to the board, bringing fresh and new ideas to the table.

John founded The Metrix Company, a medical device manufacturer in Dubuque, Iowa. The company got its start in 1964 as the Riggs Biochemical Company. It's primary business at the time was the collection and processing of fetal bovine serum. In 1979 the company purchased Chicago based Medical Manufacturing Services, a veterinary device manufacturer, and started to manufacture disposable bags. Metrix was incorporated in 1980.  The company continued to grow and began manufacturing medical devices for human use. In 1996, Metrix purchased Secure Medical Products, a manufacturer of TPN products. In 2001, Metrix opened a second location in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic. Due to the success of The Metrix Company and its sister company Metrix Domincana, John and Joan felt the need to give back to the communities that were so instrumental in their success. The mission statement for the foundation begins with this commitment.

Like The Metrix Company, the foundation has continued to grow and evolve. As the Schoen family has moved around the country, the foundation’s goal of serving local communities has moved with them. The goal of empowering individuals and funding health, wellness and families, will guide our foundation into the future.

No member of the board or the operational staff accepts a salary. Over 98% of all allocated funds are donated to charity. To date, our foundation has given over a half million dollars to fulfill it's mission.